About Us

Our Mission

At Hooked On Film we’re, uh… not your usual film critics. Based on the west coast of the land down under, we’re a crazy bunch of twenty-somethings with an undying love for all things cinema. No film is too great or too small for us: from Hollywood blockbusters to short productions made in our own backyard, we write about it all!

Back in mid-2013, founders Cherie Wheeler and Chantal Victor joined forces to raise up the project from the fiery pits of their imaginations. After banging their heads against the wall for several weeks, the pair came up with the name “Hooked On Film” to not only refer to an addiction to film, but also the screenwriting device of a “hook”.

Since launching HOF with a web series sponsored by Event Cinemas and Curtin University back in January 2014, the two C’s and their growing team have been blogging away, but there are exciting developments on the horizon, and we will certainly keep you updated!